General Planning

We are your partner for the holistic planning of investment and building projects as well as lifetime asset management and offer you a range of services for all stages of your project.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our industry focus, we know our customers’ workflow and requirements very well and accompany all stages of their investment projects, ranging from preparation, planning to completion and beyond. Our integrated consulting, planning and execution concept assures that our customers draw maximum benefit from our services. As a general contractor, we manage and coordinate your project and solve all your technical problems.


We specialise in the provision of services for

  • trade and industry
  • health, research and education

and accompany our customers through all operational and constructional stages of their investment project up to project completion:

Project preparation: from formulating goals to making an investment decision
As a partner with industry-specific knowledge and building experience, Dr. Shebl & Partner assists you in processing all relevant data and solving all relevant questions needed to make a well-founded investment decision. We find the perfect solution even for sophisticated project processes as well as legal and constructional challenges, and accurately calculate your expected investment needs.

The result:
A holistically defined project with specific key parameters for making a safe investment decision.

Project planning: from study to detailed planning
Our interdisciplinary teams comprising architects, civil engineers, facility and building services engineers, electrical engineers, environmental and energy experts as well as other specialists help you develop and define your project to permitting and execution level. During the design, permit application and execution planning stages, your building project will be specified and planned in detail step by step. We look for the most cost-effective solution from the very beginning of your project.

The result:
A perfectly designed, planned and permitted project – completed and delivered on time and on budget.

Project execution: from planning to implementation
The project managers of Dr. Shebl & Partner are experienced in all aspects of building and construction and have full control over quality assurance, costs, schedules as well as building contractors. They control and supervise all building activities ranging from the tender and the award of contract to the execution and turnkey delivery of a project, and are the solely and fully responsible contact for the building principal.

The result:
A seamless, reliable execution of your building project in the negotiated quality, on schedule and budget.

Facility Management Consulting
Upon request, our experts also assist you in warranty cases and facility management consulting to assure that your business remains sustainable, profitable, safe, and efficient.

Quality from scratch
Many satisfied and loyal customers rely on the comprehensive assistance by Dr. Shebl & Partner.


Corporate development and building structures are ideally attuned to each other. Dr. Shebl & Partner employs an interdisciplinary team to develop strategic guidelines for a well-organised development of all infrastructure assets in conformity with your needs.

Our objective is to assure that all your properties and assets are optimally and efficiently used and that all potentials are fully exploited. We analyse the potential of your property and assets, develop options for use and lay the foundation on which you can build your decision.

Customer benefit is the number one priority in all our activities. We analyse the spatial requirements of your business and are your reliable partner when it comes to defining and optimally planning all functions of your building.

  • Organisational planning
    – Assessment of needs
    – Definition of office structure to suit the purpose intended
    – Occupancy concepts for administrative buildings
    – Layout
    – Information flow
    – Furniture
    – Relocation planning
  • Industrial engineering / factory planning
    – Production concept
    – Facility and layout design
    – Make-or-buy decision

We regard in-house logistics as an integrated system and the heart of an organisation. Our experts advise you on all warehousing, material flow and transport matters and their integration in control, management and organisation.

  • Integrated logistics solutions
  • Procurement logistics
  • Production logistics
  • Warehouse and distribution logistics
  • Storage system technology
  • Commissioning

We compare costs and benefits of an investment project and provide management reports and business plans to support your decision. To assure the feasibility of your investment project, we carefully assess its compatibility with technical, legal, economic and ecological standards and perform on-site inspections. We also check the viability of your project activity timeline.

In collaboration with all involved experts, we take your project from the creative and conceptual design stages to detailed planning and execution of all project components and project stages according to your requirements and for your maximum benefit.

  • Identification of fundamentals
  • Preliminary planning
  • Conceptual design
  • Planning of permit applications
  • Execution planning
  • Preparation of tendering procedures
  • Asset surveillance
  • Asset management

Our goal is the solid design and construction of your building – from foundations to roof. In all technical fields, ranging from building structures and challenging infrastructure projects to sophisticated civil engineering projects, the engineering experts of Dr. Shebl & Partner always come up with the most efficient solution. To make your project economically viable, we place our focus on the functionality of the completed building project.

To assure that all technical systems operate efficiently, our engineers draft a well-coordinated and optimised concept of all technical installations at an early planning stage and attune this concept to ongoing construction planning.

Facility and building engineering specialists as well as architects and civil engineers form interdisciplinary project teams, and together they develop efficient solutions for all your facility and building components.

  • Building engineering: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary and electrical engineering
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Supply and disposal
  • Safety engineering
  • Conveyor systems
  • IT infrastructure
  • Building automation

You as the customer benefit from low construction and operating costs across the entire life cycle. Sustainability is our top priority. This is why we also look into the possibility of using alternative energies.

The experienced project managers of Dr. Shebl & Partner have been working together with their interdisciplinary expert teams for many years. They supervise and assure compliance with schedules, quality and budget requirements. Additionally, they coordinate and control the level of activity and performance of partner companies. Dr. Shebl & Partner delivers an all-in-one service!

  • Formulation of clear objectives
  • Project organisation
  • Performance monitoring, quality assurance and control
  • Planning and monitoring of schedule and cost baselines
  • Claim management
  • Financial engineering
  • Reporting system

We plan all stages of your building project with a view to sustainability and life-cycle costs (operating and consumption costs). Over the entire course of the project – encompassing idea and concept, design and planning, permits, execution, completion and life-cycle-oriented operation – we keep an eye on sustainability.


We are specialists of holistic and life-cycle-based project management. Our building principals have a long-term vision to maximise cost efficiency and avoid subsequent rectifications.

This includes all project stages comprising

  • initiation,
  • planning,
  • permits,
  • execution,
  • completion,
  • and life-cycle-oriented operation.

In comparison to other procurement projects, building investments are highly complex and occur only occasionally in many companies. It is of crucial importance for every management team to engage the right planning partner in the supervision and execution of a building project. This issue must be solved as early as possible, considering that especially in the early stages of a building project major decisions in terms of costs and quality have to be made.

Unlike conventional architectural or planning firms, Dr. Shebl & Partner specialises in general planning and is therefore in a position to offer you a much wider array of services. A general planner assumes full responsibility for all planning and consulting services. Particular advantages for the building principal arise when these services are provided under one single umbrella, as is the case with Dr. Shebl & Partner. This leads to shorter coordination and communication pathways and results in advantages with respect to execution and surveillance.

Benefits for the customer include: one contact throughout the entire performance period; tried and tested project organisation and control guarantee a seamless workflow and save time and cost; professional project controlling assures adherence to customer requirements in terms of schedule/quality/costs (as offered by Dr. Shebl & Partner). This assures maximum safety for the customer and a fiduciary service for the building principal. By acting as the local government liaison, we help the building principal avoid a great deal of inconvenience.

When given the mandate to act as a general planner, Dr. Shebl & Partner also provides project management services which would normally have to be contracted out separately or performed by the building principal himself. The success of a building investment project vitally depends on a planning partner with ample expertise in all project stages.

Many of our clients have been loyal customers for many years. Rather than striving for quick profit, we are looking for long-term relationships and customer satisfaction. This allows us to gather experience for future projects, and our customers in turn benefit from this experience. Success runs in a loop and strengthens all stakeholders. Dr. Shebl & Partner provides integrated solutions in tune with customer needs. We provide you with ONE contact that assists you with all aspects of your building project, ranging from conception and planning to execution and beyond.

Services and principles:

  • The project manager in charge will always assist the customer with valuable advice.
  • He is in control of all activities and assures that cost, schedule and quality targets are met.
  • Shebl & Partner is committed to transparency, openness and consistency.
  • We are determined to stick to our agreements and goals, and we expect our partners to do the same.


The best proof of a company’s success is customer satisfaction. We boast a large number of loyal customers from all branches of industry, ranging from small- and medium-sized companies to large national and international groups, and have a track record of successful projects we are truly proud of!

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