Dr. Shebl & Partner specialises in technical consulting services for individual buildings. We focus on the development of concepts and on their implementation and continuous evaluation.

The technical consultants of Dr. Shebl & Partner have the technical expertise as well as a thorough understanding of processes and workflows. With their expertise in the fields of energy, industrial installations, occupational safety, asset management and environment, they add efficiency and safety to your installations and equipment.


Modern companies and institutions can only survive by linking economic interests with legal and social requirements.

The growing stringency of labour protection and environmental legislation, increasing customer quality requirements, a stronger media interest in environmental protection, ecological consumer behaviour and rising costs resulting from legal regulations are only some of numerous arguments in favour of introducing operations management systems for energy, safety, quality and environment.

The technical consulting team of Dr. Shebl & Partner boasts many years of experience and a broad range of technical expertise. Decisions which relate to industrial environmental protection, safety engineering and quality assurance and control cannot simply be made in isolation for individual aspects such as building engineering, construction, logistics, controlling etc. Our consulting team can rely on support from in-house experts to deal with even sophisticated tasks in a holistic manner.

This background distinguishes us from a simple consulting firm and allows us to deliver even complex projects – such as environmental impact assessments (EIA) and other governmental procedures for which several specialists are needed – from one single source.


  • Energy management
    There are many arguments that speak in favour of an energy management system and its integration into the existing operations management system. One important reason is that it enhances ecological performance and thus results in cost savings.
  • Energy Performance Certificate
    Our experienced energy consultants prepare a customised Energy Performance Certificate for you and inform you about the use of alternative energy technologies to help you save resources, reduce operating costs etc.
  • Legally compliant energy audits (EEffG)
    Our registered energy auditors are authorised to perform external energy audits in compliance with Article 9 of the Energy Efficiency Act (EEffG). After collecting and analysing the relevant data by using modern measurement technology and outlining a detailed action plan, they submit an audit report to the monitoring agency / energy supplier. Due to our continuous support, you can also rely on us for an economic follow-up audit. This will help you save energy in the long run.
  • Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS)
    All company-relevant data to be included (regulatory and legal requirements etc.) are available. On the basis of this data pool, and together with the company’s internal project manager, we check, analyse and identify the status of individual laws and ordinances and their relevance for the company.
  • Register of Laws and Regulations
    Knowledge of and compliance with all relevant requirements is essential for a modern business. Our experts draw up a list of all regulatory and legal requirements which affect your business and develop a database-supported, customised information and audit plan.
  • 82b audits in keeping with the Trade Regulations (GewO)
    Article 82b of the Trade Regulations requires companies to perform an audit of all facilities at maximum five-year intervals. All facilities need to be inspected to assure that they are still in the same condition as approved and also comply with all applicable laws.
  • Regulatory compliance
    Our experts boast many years of experience with all sorts of regulatory procedures. Continuous assistance assures that the company responds to regulatory requests in an early phase. This helps to keep unexpected and complex adaptations or modifications to a minimum and avoids unnecessary inconveniences and costs.

Our specialists support and advise you on all matters related to the complex field of occupational safety.

Our services:

  • Workplace evaluation
    Pursuant to the Worker Protection Act (ASchG, §4, §5), all employers have to identify and assess any work-related risks and hazards as well as define appropriate measures to counter the identified hazards.

    Measurement of workplace exposure to
    – dusts
    – air
    noise and vibrations
  • VEXAT (explosion protection at the workplace)
    The Explosive Atmospheres Ordinance (VEXAT) governs explosion protection at the workplace. This ordinance affects all companies where the use of inflammable gases, vapours, mists and dusts may lead to the creation of explosive zones. It is irrelevant in this respect whether such explosive zones may occur permanently, occasionally or rarely.
  • Optical Radiation Ordinance
    Fundamentals as well as a mandatory risk assessment including preventive measures to be determined. Relevant exposure to optical radiation is explained and targeted preventive measures are developed.
  • Noise and Vibration Ordinance
    Employers need to assess and analyse the risks resulting from noise and vibration exposure for workers and employees. These are explained in detail and targeted preventive measures are developed.
  • Machine Safety Ordinance
    Fundamentals of the Machine Safety Ordinance (MSV 2010) and its association to worker protection schemes. Basic instructions and documentation regarding machinery, exchangeable equipment, incomplete machinery, refurbishments and linkage, safety components, conformity assessments, and the role of harmonised standards or distribution/circulation.
  • Electromagnetic fields
    The Electromagnetic Fields Directive was adopted by the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) on 20 June 2013. The deadline for the adoption of the Directive provisions into national law is 1st July 2016. Inspection and documentation procedures as well as training programmes are required to assure compliance.
  • Fire prevention
    Fire prevention comprises all measures that help to prevent and minimise the risk of fire. In addition, seamless emergency evacuation and effective fire-fighting operations in buildings and facilities need to be assured.

    Our services:

    – Evacuation training
    – Fire prevention plans
    – Fire prevention strategies
    – Reducing the risk of fire
    – Fire safety regulations
    – Emergency planning
  • Hazardous substances
    Hazardous substances such as chemicals, inflammable liquids or toxic substances require special handling and storage. We assist you in identifying such substances and implementing all relevant legal regulations and standards.

    Our services:
    Planning of hazardous goods storage
    – Maximum storage quantities and combined storage prohibitions
    – Emergency strategies (escape routes, rescue sequence)
    – Staff training
  • Safety management:
    Our occupational safety and health experts assist you in the quick and efficient development of a customised safety management system.
  • Education and training
    The Technical Safety Centre (TSC) of Dr. Shebl & Partner provides all common safety-related instructions as well as specialised education and training programmes including safety officer and fire prevention officer trainings.
  • Building site coordination & safety engineering
    The Federal Act on Planning and Coordination of Construction Works (BauKG) requires a hazard prevention scheme which, pursuant to the “polluter pays principle”, is the responsibility of the owner-builder. This obligation may also be transferred to a qualified person.A more efficient project management and better teamwork of all engaged building contractors may considerably reduce costs, optimise the workflow and significantly enhance the quality of building and construction activities as well as projects.

The expert team of Dr. Shebl & Partner has detailed knowledge of all mandatory environmental provisions affecting your building project.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001
We assist you in the development and integration of an Environmental Management System (e.g. ISO 14001):

  • Reduced material and energy input
  • Improved communication with regulatory authorities
  • Material flow and process optimisation
  • Minimisation of liability exposure
  • Reduction of disposal costs
  • Early identification of problems
  • Competitive advantages in tender processes
  • Image enhancement

Waste management
Our experts advise and support you in meeting your duty of care for waste and help you optimise your waste logistics.

  • Optimisation of waste logistics
  • Development of a collection site concept
  • Development of a waste management plan
  • Staff training

Key focus is on the contemplation, analysis and optimisation of all cost-relevant processes related to your building, all facilities under construction, your property, or a service provided by your company which is not part of your core business.

To facilitate a professional building and quality management in compliance with ISO 9001, our experienced experts give you organisational advice and support for a seamless and efficient operation.

A smooth and fail-safe workflow will help you save costs in the medium and long term.


On this page you get a concise overview of our experiences. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants.

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